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Our quickly expanding collection of publications is divided into the following categories:

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  • Business Executives Want to be Pushed Towards Responsible Sourcing by Stanford Social Innovation Review - this article is actually under 2021, but previously mentioned as published in Nov 2014


List of books

News Stories

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Business for Social Responsibility, April 2017

New BSR Guidance Integrates Gender Equality into Supply Chain Codes of Conduct

Rivets and Jeans, February 2017

Levi’s New Guidebook Examines Health Factory Environments

Levi Strauss & Co. Unzipped Blog, January 2017

Investing in the Health of Factory Workers

CSRwire.com, January 2017

New Management Tool for Improving Worker and Women’s Health in Factories (Press Release)

MHTF.org, March 2016

Making Workplace Health Initiatives Work for Women

TriplePundit, March 2016

Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs): Bayer & Evidence Project Launch New Initiative (Press Release)

Business for Social Responsibility, February 2016

A Scorecard to Improve Workers’ Health in Supply Chains

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Institute for Human Rights and Business, July 2017

Women’s Health in Global Supply Chains – Re-Envisioning the Business Role

Wilson Center, April 2017

What’s in a Label? Lessons on Advancing Global Health Goals From Corporate Green Standards

Global Health Now, March 2017

Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile: Engaging Corporations on Reproductive Health

Devex, May 2016

4 ways for the private sector to support women’s health

FamilyPlanning2020, March 2016

Increasing access to health information at the workplace: One step to delivering on SDG #3 in global supply chains

CSRWire, October 2015

The Real Gamechanger for Women’s Empowerment Initiatives – Family Planning

Business for Social Responsibility, September 2015

Worker Health as a Workplace Management Issue: New Guidelines for Companies